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Sustainable Plastic Solutions from an Airport Specialist

Enviro-Point launched in early 2020 to reduce unnecessary Single-Use Plastic (SUP) within the aviation industry. Initially, the company aimed to source an alternative solution to Luggage-Point’s standard recyclable film utilised within their Baggage wrapping machine; however, it quickly noticed numerous areas within the industry which Luggage-Point could easily rectify with minor changes.

Based on 2018 departing passenger numbers provided by the CAA, roughly 146 million plastic security bags are used per annum in the UK, equating to approximately 973 tonnes of plastic waste every year due to aviation traffic. So clearly, a solution needed to be found!

Degrades Naturally Leaving Behind No Micro-plastics

Most governments of the world are starting to commit to reducing unnecessary plastic and re-using/recycling wherever possible. However, the fact is that some plastic will always escape collection and end up littering the natural environment. Part of the solution is to change the type of plastic we use; to one which fits with circular economy principles.

Using OXO-BIODEGRADABLE technology in the normal manufacture of plastics accelerates the natural process of oxidation. Oxidation reduces the molecular weight of the polymer in a much shorter timescale, until it is no longer a plastic and can be gradually bio-assimilated by bacteria and fungi on land and in the oceans.

Products made this way have all the benefits of conventional plastic that we have grown accustomed to, but with the added advantage that if they escape collection and end up as litter in the natural environment, they will degrade and biodegrade in a continuous, irreversable and unstoppable process.

An independent report was recently published by the former Deputy Judge of the High Court in England, Peter Susman QC, which declared the scientific case for oxo-biodegredable technologies as ‘clear and compelling’.

Cost Effective Solution, But Little Noticeable Difference

Due to the base structure of Oxo-Biodegradable materials, users receive all the benefits of plastic:

  • Low manufacturing cost
  • Strength/durability
  • Hygienic – meets all current standards for non-ecotoxicity
  • Looks & feels like plastic

Whilst also receiving the additional benefits:

  • Does not create, or leave microplastics within the environment
  • Complies with EU packaging & packaging waste directive 94/62/EC
  • Is completely transparent (a number of compostable materials are only translucent and are deemed unacceptable for certain uses by the CAA)
  • Can be recycled
  • Can be made with recycled material
  • Will naturally biodegrade on land or sea should a user fail to dispose of the product correctly.
  • Low-cost drop, drop in technology with no disruption to supply chain
  • A quick win for an airport looking to improve their sustainability policies.
  • Oxo-Biodegradable D2W has the most beneficial carbon performance of any biodegradable solution.
  • No visible changes to either a passenger or an airport employee

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