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Brief History:
Enviro-Point was created with the view to sourcing sustainable solutions to aviation plastic waste. The company understands that there is no ‘blanket one size fits all’ solution to plastic waste and therefore offers their expertise to advise customers of the most suitable solution to reduce their plastic waste, with a view of benefitting the environment for the long term.

Based on 2018 departing passenger numbers provided by the CAA, roughly 146 million plastic security bags are used per annum in the UK, equating to roughly 973 tonnes of plastic waste yearly due to aviation traffic.

Due to this shocking statistic, Enviro-Point worked closely with the AGS airport group to introduce an Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic solution within the group’s liquid bags. Click here to learn more about Oxo-Biodegradable plastics.

Following the devastation of the Covid Pandemic, the company quickly utilised their experience to create and introduce the Travel Safe Portable Hygiene Kit (insert link to buy). The Travel Kit was created to provide consumer confidence when travelling anywhere – be it on holiday, the commute to work, or even to the local shops! The company believed to provide consumer confidence, 4 key PPE products would be required; Face Masks, Gloves, Sanitiser and Anti-Bacterial Wipes.

The travel kit can be found in airports throughout the UK (including London Heathrow), as well as travel retailer Lagardere, Edmundsons Electrical and even Amazon.