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Brief history

Enviro-Point was created with the view to sourcing sustainable solutions to aviation plastic waste. The company understands that there is no ‘blanket one size fits all’ solution to plastic waste and therefore offers their expertise to advise customers of the most suitable solution to reduce their plastic waste, with a view of benefitting the environment for the long term.

Based on 2018 departing passenger numbers provided by the CAA, roughly 146 million plastic security bags are used per annum in the UK, equating to roughly 973 tonnes of plastic waste yearly due to aviation traffic from one single use product alone!

Due to this shocking statistic, Enviro-Point has chosen to partner with Polymateria – the world’s first certified biodegradation technology capable of delivering full biological decomposition of PP & PE materials between 1-2 years after useful service life period.

The solution is formulated as a ‘drop in’ masterbatch tailored to the resin’s footprint, application profile and required use life and can be recycled during the products time-controlled process to ensure harmony with the circular economy.

The solution has been introduced into the single use liquid bag, STEB security bags, carrier bags and even coffee and plastic cups to help improve multiple industries single use plastic problems.

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